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A film of Hope and Dignity set against the stark reality of serious mental illness.


We are looking for people and organizations who want to humanize the face of mental illness to bring hope and dignity to those who need it most.

We want to use Let Me Have My Son and companion media to highlight the need for greater awareness and involvement.

We Have a Problem

There are 90% fewer beds for those with serious mental illness than in 1963.

Those people are often now homeless, dead or in prison ("the beds that never say no")


—  Paraphrase from The Great Pretender

     by Susannah Cahallan

Who are we?


Let Me Have My Son tells the story of a father's desperate search for his son who suffers from debilitating schizophrenia.
The movie is semi-autobiographical, based on the lives of writer/director Cristóbal Krusen and his son Daniel.
Messenger Films has been creating "Films of Beauty, Stories of Hope" for over 30 years.


Let Me Have My Son is a deeply moving story offering much-needed hope for those afflicted by mental illness and their loved ones.
The state of care for those with serious mental illness desperately needs attention.  The precious humanity of those who suffer demands it.  
We want to use Let Me Have My Son, and supporting media, to move hearts and promote care and dignity for those who suffer from serious mental illness.


We are partnering with Social Service Organizations, Doctors' Groups, Artists with Mental Illness, Faith Communities, Civic Groups, and Journalists who will use Let Me Have My Son and the media we create around it
to further their mission and ours.

People Need Hope

Let Me Have My  Son offers HOPE for those who struggle with long term mental illness and hope for their families.

Let Me Have My Son brings DIGNITY and champions the HUMANITY of those who suffer.


Let Me Have My Son team

What are we asking for?


We would like your input as we craft "steps to awareness and involvement" (as much as you would like to give so we can create content that will be helpful for your mission).


We ask you to share the news about Let Me Have My Son and supporting media through your communications channels (social media, newsletters, etc.).


We would welcome referrals for anyone you think may be interested in supporting our work.
We are not asking for money from groups that serve the mentally ill.

Learn More about the issue

Bedlam - Book and Movie

The Great Pretender

—  Paraphrase from The Great Pretender

     by Susannah Cahallan

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