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Meat, Potatoes and Candy

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I want to share an imperfect metaphor about one way to approach your videos.

When we do product videos for Ranger Boats, we need meat and potatoes shots - product running, fishing, and detail shots that show the whole boat in a straightforward way so the buyer can see clearly the product they are considering.

But, a string of standardized shots - no matter how well done - make for a boring video.

And, if your customer is viewing a series of product videos in their search for a new boat - they may pass out from boredom (as will the guy editing the videos).

You need a few "Wow!" shots - even on product videos. Something crazy, ultra close ups contrasted with ultra wides, splashy water, dynamic parallax moves, unique angles, big fish lifts.

These "slaps in the face" wake people up and imprint a pleasurable memory. When Michael Jackson first did the moonwalk, it made an impression!

Those moments are the thing you remember when you think about the film.

Not every shot will be eye candy (unless you're Terrence Malik). But you need a few of them to keep things interesting.

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