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The Nature of this Community

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Our goal is to create an international media creation and equipping community focused on growing together in our craft, our cross-cultural understanding and our walk with God.

We specifically seek to elevate and partner with cross-cultural talent.

We plan to have a physical base in Minnesota, but will partner with filmmakers around the world. The wealth of talent in our local cultures and the nearly one million 1st and 2nd generation immigrants who live in Minnesota gives us a unique opportunity to network internationally and create media for the world.

We will focus on apprenticeship style training. We are not a school. We will make use of the wealth of tutorials online, short teaching sessions and the training offered by established film schools.

Our primary method will be doing creative projects - learning by practice, input and reflection.

We may offer some resources to the general public, but will focus primarily on our member community (in order to maintain our purpose and to foster genuine relationship). Reach out to us for more information on membership.

We will foster the development of a network of independent, creatively and relationally cooperative companies (versus a single centrally owned and controlled company).

We will support media creators who want to inspire, entertain, spread the good news and create elevating marketing media. We celebrate media that respects and elevates local culture as well as media that shares the good new of Jesus through stories, beauty, and the "mythologies" that God has left behind is each culture to reveal himself. We welcome those who are still exploring faith.

We will each contribute to our mutual understanding of culture and our common humanity through relationship and dialogue. We want to create a worldwide community which is able to help translate goodness, beauty, hope and truth across culture.

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