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Barbara and I grew up in media

We learned art & photography from the masters (our parents!), who ran the largest commercial photography studio between New York and Los Angeles.

Studio parties were legendary, fifteen hundred people, live tigers, clowns...

When the time came to decide if we should take over the family business, God spoke to us out of Psalm 45.

"Leave your father's house and your father's people, and the king will desire your beauty."


"In place of your fathers will be your sons,


and you shall make them princes in all the earth."

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Ministry and Kingdom Business

We left the studio to study the Bible.  Then, God called us to the University of Minnesota , where we led teams that planted half a dozen ministries and related businesses, including Bordertown Coffee and Kappa Pi Alpha Christian Community in a renovated historic fraternity.

Later, we taught entrepreneurship to at risk youth (undiscovered talent), which led to starting Firehouse Commons, a business incubator in inner city Minneapolis.

Most recently, we helped start Minntech cybersecurity training institute.

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Marine and Outdoors Media

During graduate school, we started doing marine photography to support ourselves, then continued filming several months a year to support our ministry work. 

That business grew to produce shoots around the world for the premier brands in the marine industry.  Our kids grew up and joined us, adding video to the business.


Merging Media and Mission

Now we feel called to combine our missions and media work.

In God's time and leading, his word to us many years ago has become quite literal as our sons and daughter have joined us.

And we see the biblical call to establish "princes in all the earth" as a call to raise up and army of international media studios and creators who will bring God's Kingdom story to the nations.

Our family


From the legacy of our our parents to the gifts of our children, we feel God has prepared and called us to this work. 



Our Heavenly Father  is calling together brothers and sisters around the world to create kingdom content for their people.

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