The International Film Initiative is a  collaboration of friends and like-minded for profit and nonprofit organizations.

Here are a few of our organizers.


Silker Studios Family

Build communities that create.

Barbara and I (Greg) met through the friendship of our fathers - advertising guys from the "Mad Men" era. Our family grew up and into the "business."

We lead teams that start businesses and ministries including:

Silker Studios (est 1998)

Kappa Pi Alpha (est 2003)

Bordertown Coffee (est 2005)

CJXA Team (half a dozen ministries est between 2000-2008).

Firehouse Business Incubator (est 2020)

Our life calling is to raise up creative disciples in an atmosphere of community.

Our photo/film/marketing company is proud to work with the top national clients in the industries we serve.

Pictured here with family & friends at the Minnesota State Fair


Messenger Films

Film of Beauty.  Stories of Hope

Writer/Director Cristóbal Krusen has been creating Films of Beauty, Stories of Hope for 30 years.

Cris has created films in Latin America, South Africa, the USA, the Middle East, and Bosnia.  He specializes in creating films that speak to the heart of each culture he works in and he uses local crews in his productions.


His films have been seen by 2 billion people.

Cristóbal and his wife Cheryl live in St Paul, Minnesota except when they escape to Cheryl's home country of Jamaica during the winter.

Pictured here with Josh McDowell on the set of Undaunted.


Dan Leafblad

I know that guy!

Dan Leafblad is a retired ObGyn.  Over the past 8 years he has applied his creativity and networking gifts to building the Physician's Assistant program at Bethel University, St. Paul, MN.

Dan knows everybody, loves (nearly) everybody, and everybody loves him.  If you're reading this, you probably already know Dan.

Dan is a student of film, a huge fan of the Inklings, and executive producer on Messenger Films' latest movie The Puzzle Factory.

Dan and Barbara