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follow UNDISCOVERED ENTREPRENEURS as they pursue their business start up dreams
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It's time to


of black and  brown business


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We are looking for a cast for the intro reel that we will use to pitch the show to networks and sponsors.

  • Male and Female host - 30's -40's

  • 5-7 Undiscovered Entrepreneurs 16-30 years old

  • 2-3 Business Coaches - 40-70 years old

The show will feature actual entrepreneurs.

Please contact us if you are interested in auditioning.

Auditions will be held over zoom.  Filming will take care to practice social distancing.


Temp reel for placement purposes only

Mixed Samples

Mixed Samples

Show Details

Smiling Young Man

Tone and Style

Follow our undiscovered entrepreneurs as they start their businesses - no melodrama or elimination contests.

Black and Brown hosts - additional white host or sidebar partner.  Black, Brown and white coaches

Episode Elements

Interactions - 

We will follow our aspiring entrepreneurs as they cast cast vision, build teams, woo customers, plan marketing, pursue financing and look to mentors, friends and family for support and advise.

We will break away for Interviews with leaders and their teams, marketing advisors customers, coaches, friends and family.


We embellish with VIP Cameos - celebrities and business leaders from all fields (entertainment, athletics, social media influencers, etc) and business leaders as they offer nuggets of life and careers wisdom, business insight and entertaining explanations of key business concepts

Story Hooks

The business start up path - a "how to" for aspiring entrepreneurs

Pressing through obstacles - inspiration, grit and determination

Dealing with disappointment - and honest look at the challenges

Family support -"who has your back when things go sideways?"

Understanding your strengths - personal  life insight for cast and viewers

Building your team - the challenges of competition and cooperation

Getting it Perfect or Going Public - exposing your baby to the world

Finding capitol and bootstrapping - navigating finance

Unexpected allies - it's interesting to see who steps up

Follow your dream - but remember that...

Customers don't care about your dream. They buy what they need 

Taking breaks/keeping sane - dance, sports, read, walk, friends

Finding joy and friendship in the journey - 

Fostering creativity. keeping inspired - life lessons and insights

Intro Reel Script

Pitch Reel Script

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 3.30.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 10.12.29
Similing Team

Episodes Examples

Episode One: Who’s with me?  Who’s boss?

Qiu’s team tires to identify their minimum viable product. Friendship is strained as roles are hashed out and Ariana feels left out. Coach Bo shares a bit of wisdom.

Avery’s team explodes with ideas, but fails to take customer needs into account. Avery’s Dad doesn’t get it.   Will anyone want their creation?

Kari’s team rocks on all levels - everything is working.  Kari’s mom bubbles over with enthusiasm as the future looks bright.


Episode Two:  Where is she taking us?  Strengths and Weaknesses

The team has to deal with Qiu’s weaknesses as a strategist. She’s got an amazing vision, but isn’t clear on where to go next.  Could Ariana be the key?

Avery’s team accepts the challenge and looks for their customer connections.  A  little brother’s comment opens a new door.

Kari’s team keeps rocking.  They work on their business plan.  Kari is stretched, but invigorated.


Episode Three;  Help from Unexpected Places

It’s time for Qiu’s team to “bring their baby into the world.”  They look for financing, struggle with disappointment, but find an unexpected ally.

Avery’s team works hard.  Some team members may feel they’ve lost the fun.  A game of basketball with their coach provides a needed break.

Kari’s dream is closer than ever.  They have a product, financing and a release date.  But Kari is coming apart at the seams.

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